HTML Match

Internet professionals rely on HTML Match to compare their web pages

HTML Match is the visual file comparison program from Salty Brine Software created specifically for the comparison of HTML files. The HTML files can be on a local hard disk or can be web pages on the Internet.

For software engineers, web site developers, release and quality control managers: compare different source code of two HTML files to view what has changed between the original file and its revision. Differences are shown side-by-side and clearly marked. Granularity of the differences can be controlled to the line level, word level, or character level.

Graphical web page designers will view the original web page in a browser window with the changes shown in-place, directly on the web page. Technical writers and web content authors will easily identify the changes to only the text content of the two HTML files. Anyone that works with multiple revisions of a web page will benefit from this tool. HTML Match has been specifically designed with the needs of today's Internet professional in mind.

HTML Match has been developed to include the knowledge and experience of several industry leaders. It combines technologies from the makers of FolderMatch(Winner at the 2002 & 2003 Shareware Industry Awards), ComponentSoftware (world-class version control software), and JAFSoft (HTML conversion experts).